Friday, November 20, 2009

Introducing the New Cast of This Is Why I'm Single

Greetings fans and friends,

Many of you are no doubt curious about the progress of the next performance of This Is Why I'm Single. Well I am happy to announce that I have finalized the cast for the next performance and I've linked to them below. Feel free to check them out, befriend them, hit on them, as them why they're single (some of us are) or tell them why YOU'RE singe. Go ahead.Life is too short not to be aggressive. :)


Josh Hyman - actor/comedian. Josh was a finalist in the recent IFNY Monologue Slam, scored a lead role in Sundays Of Our Lives web series, and is in a Doritos Commercial and is a member of the Hungry Vagabonds Theatre Company.

Cate Bottiglione - actor. Cate has been in countless theatre projects in New York City. She is currently a lead in The Hypochondriac, performing at The Cell, for which he had a very flattering write up in various local publications.

Barret Mindell - actor. Barret is an original This Is Why I'm SIngle cast member and has since been working steadily in film and television. He can be seen in the movie, Precious, which is currently playing at theatres nationwide.

Rachel Feldman - actor/comedian Rachel has been performing in various comedy troupes all over New York City including UCB and The PIT. In addition to numerous theatre credits she has done independent film and been on Law and Order.

Molly Cerne - actor. Molly is also an original cast member of This Is Why I'm Single. She has been in numerous theatre tours and was recently cast as a lead in Sundays Of Our Lives - the web series.

Jonesy - actor/comedian/writer/director/producer Jonesy is the creator, writer, director of This Is Why I'm Single. He has been in countless television commercials, independent films, and television shows. He recently wrote and directed the series Sundays Of Our Lives for the web and performs standup comedy all over the city. He was also in the original cast of This Is Why I'm Single and is the editor of the official site:

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Lowdown

This is Why I'm Single
"Twisted Relationships Gone Hilariously Wrong."

At the Royal Theatre at the Producers Club - New York City
Written by: Jonesy
Directed by: Anthony Abeson & Jonesy
Produced by: Jonesy
Dates: 7/22/09 - 7/23/09

A cavalcade of funny scenes centered around New York City dating and relationships. Over 15 actors play out the many hilarious downward spirals in this one hour performance written by NYC comedian Jonesy.

From an interview for a wingman position, to a hot Jehovah's Witness, every piece - although rooted in autobiographical truth- has been warped into a ludicrousness that is enjoyable for all ages and backgrounds.

Performance dates/times: July 22nd & 23rd - 7pm and 9pm shows.
For tickets go to SMARTTIX LINK or call 212-68-4444 Price $10.00

Check out "This is Why I'm Single" FACEBOOK Fan Page by clicking HERE.